Zeolite – a great wonder from nature

The origin of the ‘zeolite’ word comes from the Greek expressions ‘zeo’(to boil) and ‘lithos’ (a stone). Zeolites are a class of stones or minerals with a highly porous structure. Chemically, they are aluminosilicate minerals with well-defined channels and cavities. These cavities contain metal ions (cations), which can bind various types of toxins. The majority of zeolites are of natural volcanic origin, among which Clinoptilolite has been defined as the most suitable type of zeolite for human and animal consumption.

Zeolite has to be activated in order to get its full potential – this means that natural material has to be processed by micronization which results in micronized particles with an increased surface area and consequently improved adsorption capacity.

Clinoptilolite has been increasingly used in veterinary and human medicine, cosmetic and personal care products as well as in food supplements especially due to its potent detoxification, antioxidant effects, the release of trace elements, and positive influence on the microbiota status in the intestine.

The majority of beneficial zeolite effects can be attributed to its basic material properties, in particular, to reversible ion exchange and adsorption capacity. In this manner, zeolites have been successfully used in a broad range of applications with the following effects:

  • Clinoptilolite incorporated into the everyday diet is effective in the removal of mycotoxins, heavy metals, and organophosphates from the human body by direct absorption of these toxins which are then removed by excretion. Affinity towards aflatoxins was proven in vitro studies to be also highly specific – in the presence of amino acids and vitamins only toxins were absorbed by the clinoptilolite material.
  • Antibacterial properties have been proved for zeolites with incorporated silver and copper, especially in dental applications. Due to the long-lasting effects of zeolites in the mouth environment, even in prolonged contact with saliva, they were recognized as the most effective delivery platform for antimicrobial agents.
  • Another special effect is the ability of micronized clinoptilolite to decrease the absorption of ingested ethanol by reducing blood alcohol levels
  • Antidiarrheal effects via interaction with intestinal epithelium cells and immunological effects in the intestine, neuroprotective effect and antioxidant activity on mitochondria have been shown to affect the development of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Zeolites can be used as an advanced excipient for an extended or sustained release for eg. diclofenac and vitamins

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