The signs your body tells when it suffers from toxin overload

Toxins are surrounding us everywhere in modern society and it is hard if not impossible to avoid them. Since we are constantly exposed to these harmful chemicals, our organisms occasionally become overloaded and desperately need detoxification. There are many known toxins such as pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals and (micro)plastics from the environment that can end up in our organisms. And how do toxins enter our bodies from the environment? Well, there is a number of ways: we breathe them in or put them on our skin; they also enter into our body via the ingested food and drinking water if contaminated. In order to identify whether you are suffering from a toxic overload, it’s important to recognize the symptoms. Continue reading and you will find more information about the signs that indicate your body is experiencing a toxic burden that has to be treated.


Certain chemicals can provoke headaches, drowsiness and make it difficult to concentrate. For example, cleaning products are one of the common household chemicals, that can trigger migraine. Another possible trigger is a chemical called toluene which is used in oil refining and can be found in paint thinners, nail polish, inks, and stain removers. Also, strong fragrances like artificial aromas might provoke headaches. These are present in perfumes and air fresheners.

Impaired Immune System

Constant intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is a great way for balancing physiological processes. However, when the body is over-toxified, it does not absorb these nutrients as effectively, which can cause a downward spiral for overall health. The immune system plays an important role in eliminating toxic chemicals from our bodies and as such the immune system can become overburdened if there are too many toxins in the system.

Feeling Tired and “not in the mood” All the Time

If you’re feeling tired all the time, this might be a sign that your body is imbalanced and needs some support to feel well again. During the night when we sleep, our bodies rest and are set to digest mode at night which represents a time for healing and regeneration. When overburdened with toxins, whether alcohol, processed food, or other toxins, the body can find it hard to eliminate these unwanted substances. This can to a certain degree also affect the quality of our sleep and consequently, we feel tired throughout the day.

Issues with focus and concentration

Lack of focus and concentration can also happen due to toxic overload. This is again related to the exposure to certain products commonly found in our homes that contain toxic chemicals. For example, methylene chloride (also known as dichloromethane) is commonly found in aerosol cans, and as such, it is present in everyday products like deodorants, air fresheners, spray paints and hair sprays. This is a highly volatile chemical which means that predominant exposure occurs through inhalation.

Digestive Issues

There are times like holidays and stressful days at work when we eat more than usual and are not as healthy as we should. Too much processed food and lower quality food containing toxins can lead to the so-called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO. This bacterial overgrowth can cause a leaky gut, blocks the ability to absorb nutrients and imbalance the normal microbiome in our gut. All this leads to digestive issues such as bloating and digestive distress.

Fortunately, we can overwhelm these issues related to over toxified body with a proper diet and a healthy active lifestyle. One option is reducing your toxic load by products that contain highly efficient detoxification ingredients like zeolite. We are glad that we can offer you such a product – The High Life Protective Elixir. For more information on how to fight the toxins, we are surrounded by follow us and read our next blog “The best ways to detox your body”.