How to choose a high quality, safe and effective food supplements?

The market is literally flooded nowadays with countless food supplements that appear in different forms and promise to cure almost every existing condition and disease – sounds like a miracle, right?
Well, the truth is somewhere in between – there are very good and high-quality products on the shelves but we can also find some poor quality and even dangerous products that can harm e.g. your liver, kidneys, immune system and skin. Therefore, it is of high importance to choose a product that will actually help you. Because they are out there, you just need to find them. The most important factors you need to consider when buying a product for yourself and your beloved ones are discussed below.

1. The origin of the product

Globalization has made wonders, we can travel fast, and receive products from overseas in a few days. However, when it comes to consumer products such as food supplements and cosmetics, it is recommended to search for products of local origin. Always try to find products that are labeled as “made in the EU”. “Google” the seller of your product – check if they are performing any analyses of their product, and investigate if their products are manufactured in a GMP-certified environment (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice). And read the reviews of other users.

2. The formula

Get informed about the ingredients – these must be stated on the labeling. Although sometimes it is not possible to avoid certain ingredients such as additives and preservatives, you can still find products that are natural, without any artificial aromas and preservatives added. The latter is more common in products that contain water, whereas for example powders and oil-based formulations usually don’t require this type of ingredient.

3. Well-known and safe ingredients

Patented ingredients are another confirmation and assurance of the high quality, safety and efficacy of the product. They are usually labeled with “TM” or “®” next to a single ingredient on the ingredient label. These active ingredients are well studied, and transparent, their origin is known and therefore represents the best option for improving your health. This might result in a more costly end product. But at the end of the day – you want to take the best care of yourself, right?

4. Efficacy backed up by preclinical and clinical trials

There are numerous scientific studies available for many different finished products or ingredients of various food supplements and cosmetic products. Especially important are clinical trials on human volunteers which have been peer-reviewed by independent scientists who examine and critically evaluate the quality of the study design and outcomes. These studies are then published and available in scientific databases such as and

Unfortunately, current EU legislation on food supplements is very loose. Therefore, it is up to each individual to make a decision about which product is of good quality and which is not. We hope that by providing you with the above-stated information, we made your choice easier. For any other questions, you can always contact us at