And, you know what we make a toast with, right?

We skipped New Year’s vows. We have allowed ourselves to connect with you more deeply and more personal when we are met by temperatures above zero when the view is enlivened by colors when spring is already sprouting around the bend.

Because in these kinds of lights, it may be easier to find inspiration, motivation, and plans for the future. It’s not true?

And given that otherwise, we don’t really celebrate anything, let’s raise the glasses of the daily dose of a great life first. Just like that. To myself, to you, to us and to life itself, which reminds us daily of its fragility and transience.

Cheers, cheers! And, you know what we make a toast with, right?

We toast with selected Formulas 01, 02 and 03 and celebrate our bodies and life. Because it’s so easy with The High Life. Although everything else around us is so complex and sometimes difficult.

The potion for health and well-being, however, is, who would have thought, simple. Because we have been dealing with the preparations, the selection of ingredients, the analyzes and the benefits – in advance and for a long time. So you don’t have to.

Premium powder and selected liquid, a few sips and an extra meaningful day. A soothing drink to sign the end of the day with the captured inner peace, and moments of relaxation and give your body even better opportunities for better quality revitalization.

Oh, cheers!

Then let’s write a thank you note.

That you took the time to be with us, to follow us, to read, to look with us for ways and tips on how to live better, how to take a break, how to calm the hustle and bustle of life, how to get that little attention to yourself and yourself they strengthen us, shape us, define us and give us reason and strength to be good and better than, around and out.

Thank you!

But we also know that each of us is different and unique and that we are fascinated by a variety of things. That is why we also thoughtfully combine and respond to wishes and needs in our products.

That is why we have three different Formulas, so we distinguish them by ingredients, active ingredients and colors. And the method of use.

Formulas can become a drink, a supplement, relaxing bubble baths, hair masks, or face masks.

Because it is true and because we must not forget the curiosity and playfulness of life – we have added vitamin gummy candies to the range of products.

And because it’s sometimes really hard to calm the mind and body, because there are also times when bedtime signs more restlessness than a soft descent into a dream, we’ve added CBD drops to The High Life collection.

Our use and intake into the body also have our attention. You know, the thought can change the day. Therefore, it is not only important what we enter, but also how we do it.

So for a better experience, one more tip – use our special pearl spoon.

That moment of attention will be truly royal. To stay with us more fulfilled, calm and vital. That every day will be a new day on the path of a great life.

And thank you and cheers! Today, tomorrow and every day. Enjoy and enjoy it.

We look forward to seeing you next time!